Growing a brighter future, one child at a time

Rising Stars believes that we can make our world a better place, by helping our children shine and grow.

Who are we?

Established in 2011, Rising Stars was founded on the personal giving philosophy of the Oliver T. Carr, Jr. Family, that believes that every child is a miracle who deserves a proper education in order to become a thriving member of society.

What do we do?

Rising Stars raises money to support organizations which help “at-risk” children succeed in their education and their community. 

Why do we do it?

It’s simple really – Rising Stars believes that a solid education is an at-risk child’s best opportunity for a better life. By supporting educational programs, Rising Stars helps children believe in themselves and have the knowledge to live up to their potential.

Rising Stars truly believes by helping children rise up through education and creating a life-long love of learning, we will help our nation continue to grow and succeed.

How do we do it?

Along with corporate partners including Carr Workplaces, Rising Stars holds a number of fundraising and educational drives throughout the year.